Corset Toile


I've been busy making the corset toile recently. I didn't plan to make this first, however I love making corsets so found it hard to resist!

The pattern is a standard Elizabethan/Jacobean corset, taken from Jean Hunnisett's book, Period Costume for Stage and Screen; Patterns for Women's Dress, 1500-1800. All of Jean Hunnisett's period pattern books are a fantastic resource for making costumes.

Drafting up the pattern on to paper. I just use basic lining roll paper to draft patters. A fellow costume student gave me this tip, which is great as the paper is a nice weight and its much cheaper than proper dressmakers paper! 

After drafting up the pattern and cutting it out, it was time to cut out the pieces for the toile. The toile is basically just a practice version of whatever you're making, so you can get a more accurate sizing of your garment, before cutting out the pieces for your 'proper' version. This toile is just made from some lining curtain fabric I had from a previous project.

After making up the toile I fitted it on the mannequin. The rule with corsets is that they have to fit really well, so this takes a lot of fitting, pinning, altering, fitting, pinning, altering, fitting, pinning, altering.....

Eventually it was finished! I know it looks quite messy and very un-finished, but don't worry, most of it is just notes and markers for when I cut the pieces out for the actual corset. My one slight worry with this corset is how it will sit on the mannequin. I have only previously made corset for humans, who have a lot more adaptable bodies than mannequins! We'll see how it goes.....

(Can I also just add this process was done whilst eating way too many Rhubarb & Custard Pips!) 

Next Step....fabric buying....

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