Start at the Begining.

I have been asked to put together a costume exhibition for Dunham Massey. In the summer the National Trust, alongside the Art fund, bought a portrait of Vere Egerton at Sotheby's. This portrait used to belong to the house at Dunham Massey and after undertaking restoration work, it is back! To commemorate its return I have been asked to put together a costume exhibition that will sit along side the portrait. Within this exhibition I will be trying to recreate as much of the costume as possible so visitors to the house will be able to get a real hands on experience and be able to see for themselves all the detail that went into dress of that period.

Here goes...

 More information on Dunham Massey and the National Trust can be found here;


  1. What a great idea to do a blog about your project. I am very much looking forward to more posts as you proceed - do show us lots of images of work in progress, if you can :)

    One tiny detail: the artist's name is Peake, not Pake.

  2. Thank-you, slight typo there!

    Yes there will be a lot more images as the work progresses.

  3. an exciting project-await your updates, you will have many fans as the project progresses! Emile at National Trust led me here. And your page looks wonderful too. pgt

  4. Great idea, lovely design. Eager for more.

  5. What an ambitious undertaking...I will be looking forward to all your posts!!